Residents shall comply with all house, pool, pet, and laundry rules, which may be changed
from time to time. These rules shall apply to all residents.

House Rules – For Print
  • No persons, pets, or animals of any kind are permitted to occupy the premises
    other than those listed on the original Rental Agreement without the express prior
    written consent of owner or his agent.
  • Any Resident using the premises for illegal activity or commits a nuisance to
    others will constitute a Breach of our Rental Agreement and subject to Eviction.
  • No unnecessary noise due to loud talking, radios, televisions, or musical
    instruments is permitted. Hours for playing the above are 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • No roller-skating, skateboarding or riding bikes on the premises.
  • Laundry facilities are to be used only during the hours of 8am to 10pm. Please
    use machine as instructed & please do not overload the machines. We try to
    keep our Laundry Room prices low and by helping us care for the laundry
    facilities will continue to keep operational costs lower for everyone as well.
  • Residents are responsible for the cost of repairs to plumbing, plumbing fixtures
    and appliances should damage be caused from negligence or misuse. Foreign
    items causing stoppage of waste, jamming of mechanisms is considered
    improper use and repair costs shall be paid for by resident. PLEASE, DO NOT
  • Personal items such as bicycles, garbage cans, toys, etc. shall be kept out of
    view. No rugs, towels, articles of clothing or any such items shall be hung on the
    exterior of the building, on balconies or in hallways. No mops, brooms or rugs are
    to be shaken from same, or from open windows.
  • Highly combustible items such as gasoline or propane (including backyard
    BBQ’s) are prohibited and shall not be used or stored anywhere on premises.
  • Damage to the apartment and/or building and it’s equipment and furnishings,
    above and beyond ordinary wear and tear, shall be paid for by resident.
  • Please do not make any alterations in any way, (i.e., painting, hanging pictures,
    changing locks), without the prior written permission of owner or agent. Resident
    will be responsible for the cost of damages beyond ordinary wear and tear.
  • Residents are responsible for the conduct & cleanup of their children & guests.
  • Residents shall be kept in a clean manner, free of any trash that may bring
    rodents or infestations.