Late Fee / Late rent / Bounced Check Fees

All rents are prorated on move in so that rent is due on the 1st of the month.
The Holstein Group allocates a grace period of 2 additional days and after the 3rd, your rent will be considered late. Some properties will have a courtesy pick up service on the evening of the 4th – please check with your onsite manager. There are no late fees charged on the 4th if you are able to meet the manager during the courtesy pick up time.

Between the 4th and the 10th, the Late fee is $50. In the event you are past the 10th, it is up to the management to either file an eviction (estimated legal fees are $700), or provide an agreement extension in writing between Manager and Resident. Any rent paid after the 10th will carry a late fee of $100. The late fee is for either online electronic payments or those paying by check/Money order directly to their manager.

Bounced check Fees:

In the event your check is returned for lack of funds available (NSF) the charge is $100 plus the late fee. In addition, you will lose all personal check writing privileges for 6 months. Rent will be required to pay by money order or cashier’s check only.