The Holstein Capital Group is a licensed California Real Estate Loan Broker that can assist in the arrangement   of 1st or 2nd Trust Deed loans in usually less than 4 business days from start to funding. With a copy of a current Preliminary Title Report & Disclosures completed as required, we usually close loan transactions in 3 Business days (State law requires 3 days for review of Disclosures).

Our favorite properties to loan on are Income Producing Properties in the South Bay Area.  We only do loans on secured real estate at a reasonable Loan To Value(LTV) – usually 50-60%.  We are unable to lend on Owner Occupied Residences at this time.  Our product is customized for a sophisicated real estate investor that needs an immediate source for capital.  On most deals we are a Direct lender however occassionally we will place our preferred investors into a transaction.  Either way, the prospective borrower is handled with care, privacy, and faster than any other lender.

Below is a sample list of recently funded transactions

Amount Funded Secured Property City of Asset Secured Position Days to Fund
$180,000 SFR Non Owner Occup Lake Arrowhead 1st TD 60% LTV 2 days
$160,000 SFR Non Owner Occup Anaheim 1st TD , 60% LTV 2 days
$148,000 2 SFR, Non Owner Occup Long Beach 1st and 2nd TD, 60% LTV 3 Days
$260,000 2 SFR, Non Owner Occup Los Angeles 1st and 2nd TD, 50% LTV 2 days
$460,000 15 Units Apartment Palm Springs 1st TD 40% LTV 2 Days
$212,000 1 SFR- Non Owner Occup Lakewood 1st TD, 60% LTV 3 Days
$70,000 Duplex Non Owner Occup Los Angeles 1st TD 65% LTV 3 Days
$125,000 2 SFR, Non Owner Occup Los Angeles 1st TD, 50% LTV 3 Days
$75,000 SFR Non Owner Occup Los Angeles 1st TD, 65% LTV 3 Days
$220,000 Triplex, non own occup Redondo Beach 2nd TD, 50% LTV 3 Days
$325,000 Industrial Long Beach 1st TD @ 65% LTV 4 Days
$330,000 6U Apartment Building Los Angeles 1st TD at 55% LTV 3 Days
$77,000 SFR Non Owner Occup Los Angeles 1st TD 60% LTV 3 Days
$87,500 SFR Non Owner Occup Los Angeles 1st TD 60% LTV 3 Days
$150,000 SFR Non Owner Occup Glendale 2nd @ 50% LTV 3 Days
$250,000 2 Condos Los Angeles 1st TD 25% LTV 2 Days
$250,000 100 Acres + 2 Homes Sylmar 1st TD 30% LTV 4 Days
$50,000 Office Hollywood 2nd 60% LTV 5 Days
$55,000 Duplex + Triplex Sacramento 1st, 3rd TD 50% LTV 3 Days
$260,000 SFR (non owner Occp) Seal Beach, CA 2nd TD 50% LTV 2 days
$120,000 Triplex, non own occup Sacramento 1st TD 50% LTV 5 days
$550,000 Industrial, owner occup. El Monte 2nd TD 50% LTV 5 Days
$110,000 SFR (non owner Occp) Los Angeles 1st TD 50% LTV 4 days
$115,000 Condo (non owner Occup) Huntington Beach 2nd TD 50% LTV 4 days
$150,000 Retail Anaheim 2nd TD 50% LTV 4 Days
$335,000 Retail Lomita 2nd TD 60% LTV 4 Days
$115,000 SFR (non owner Occp) Topanga Canyon 2nd TD 60% LTV 4 Days
$115,000 Ocean Front Condo Avalon 2nd TD 60% LTV 3 Days
$1,000,000 68U Apartment Complex Inglewood 2nd TD 60% LTV 4 Days
$500,000 SFR – Bus. Use Loan Agmt Palos Verdes 2nd TD 50% LTV 5 Days
$330,000 Cross of 3 assets Hawthorne 2nd& 3rd TD 50% LTV 4 Days
$140,000 SFR (non owner Occp) Pomona 1st TD 60% LTV 4 Days
$562,000 Cross of 4 assets Palos Verdes 1st, 2nd & 3rd50% LTV 5 days
$390,000 Industrial Long Beach 1st 60% LTV 5 days
$200,000 SFR – Owner Occupied San Gabriel Valley 1st 60% LTV 4 Days
$2,100,000 12U Apartment Complex Huntington Beach 1st 60% LTV 5 Days

Please call us 310 891 3339 for a free phone consultation and a valuation of your asset and how much we can immediately loan on or email us at:

For immediate consideration of a loan, The Holstein Capital Group will require a minimum of 60% LTV (post funding). The cost of these loans range 12-13% interest and between 4-5% points in fees. Factors for determining your rate will vary based upon:

Loan to Value (LTV) – minimum 60% from our reasonable underwriting
Position of the debt – 1st Trust Deed or 2nd TD
Location of collateralized asset – California only
Product Type – We loan on Apts, Retail, Office, Industrial, SFR non owner occupied
Terms – Are loans are made with no prepayment penalty for 12-24 months

The Holstein Capital Group has arranged immediate financing for SFR’s (non-Owner Occupied), Industrial, Apartment Buildings, Retail, and Office Product type. In the last 12 months we placed 15+ loans as far North as Sacramento and South into Orange County (we are not underwriting loans for raw land or development lots). We Love Beach area properties. Our background is commercial real estate and we consider ourselves Experts in the field. Our experience and access to information will make the loan process go quick and easy for all parties. We do not charge appraisal fees! We are a service oriented business and we strive to help our clients accomplish all of their Real Estate Goals.

The loans that we offer are MORE expensive than a typical bank. Our interest rates and points are significantly higher than what you will find from a regular bank. The Holstein Capital Group consists of a group of investors that requires little to no documentations for the funding or our loans as we primarily focus on the collateralized asset and not the investors personal income or tax returns.The loan product that we offer should be utilized only by a sophisicated investor. The Loans are intented to be a temporary bridge solution and we strongly encourage our investor to immediately apply for a more permanent loan solution. Although the term of our loans are 12-24 months, all of our loans are prepayable at any time without penality.

The Holstein Capital Group strives to exceed our clients expectations. We provide Honest quotes, Honest answers, and pledge to do our best to consistently assist our clients in all aspects of the Investment Real Estate decisions. We pride ourselves on repeat business and referrals.

Our Staff includes: A travelling Notary to assist with signing loan docs, A Private Pilot with a plane at Torrance Municipal Airport (KTOA) for those out of town loans, A Lic. Real Estate Broker with 15+ years of Commercial Experience and over $1 billion is sales transactions, and a California Attorney with years of experience in Investment Real Estate as our Senior Investment Associate.

The Holstein Capital Group is always interviewing prospective investors to participate in loans. Please email for additional information.