The Holstein Group uses Core Logic Safe Rent 1-888-333-2413 to run your credit. This company uses one of the 3 major credit bureaus to check your credit history..
If you have an eviction on your credit, it is instantly declined – regardless of circumstances.
If your credit shows 100% collections issues, even if its a few years old, it will be declined. We need to see a basic track history of making payments against credit extended to you.
Please Note: We look at companies like Cash Now, Pay Day now ..etc as places of last resort, If you stiffed these vendors in the last 3 years, we can not accept your application.

The Holstein Group does not count Medical Delinquencies against your credit evaluation. .

If you feel your credit is good and you are declined, we are not allowed to send you a copy of the report directly however you are entitled to talk with CoreLogic 1-888-333-2413 our provider to get additional information.